CEO of a 40+ person remote, global business; mother to three little boys; writer; and travel junkie.

Carrie McKeegan

Carrie McKeegan is an energetic business leader, mom and global citizen who also happens to love to write. After 15 years in corporate roles in New York and London, as well as an international MBA from IESE Business School, Carrie and her husband David McKeegan founded a company designed to give US expats peace of mind in regards to their US tax preparation: Greenback Expat Tax Services.

While remote businesses are all the rage these days, when Greenback was founded in 2009, it was extremely unconventional- daring, even- to start a business without a Park Avenue address. Ten years in, with a team of 40+ people living on 6 continents and customers in 212 countries & territories, Carrie loves to share her learnings about building remote teams, company culture, and how to take the best from corporate America and adapt it for the needs of today's businesses. 

Carrie and her husband David live in Bali, Indonesia with their three young boys- ages 3, 5 and 8. Carrie and Dave are passionate about travelling (their 8 year old has already been to 20 countries!); raising global citizens and entrepreneurial minded kids, and are always up for an adventure.



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